We have had a busy month getting to know all of our new friends and building positive relationships with them.


As the children feel more comfortable in their new environment they become more able to confidently explore and engage with their social and physical surroundings through relationships and play.


Another way we help them feel a sense of belonging is by having photos around the room. We would love it if you could please email a family photo to the centre that we could use in our family corner.


We encourage family input in the centre and would love to see some weekend sheets for us to extend on with your child. We would also love any input into our program about special cultural celebrations or special talents a family member may have.


We have a busy couple of months ahead and will be celebrating Waitangi Day on February 6, an Aboriginal incursion with Uncle Boomerang on February 27 and A Taste of Harmon Day on March 24.


Please remember to check your child’s pocket, located next to the door, daily as we use this for important information and messages.


That’s all for now, if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to see Tanya of myself.



Hayley and Dana

A Taste of Harmony 

We will be celebrating a ‘Taste of Harmony on Tuesday March 24. It is all about celebrating the diverse range of cultures we have in Australia and what better way to do this than with food!. The children are encouraged to come dressed in traditional clothes from another country or wear something orange and to bring a plate of traditional food to share with everyone. As we have children with allergies in the Centre, we ask that you provide a list of ingredients with your dish and also NO NUTS. This is always a fun-filled day and a great way for the children to learn about diversity and inclusive behaviours.