Hello and welcome to all our families,

Our Banksia children have all settled in well to their new learning environment and are beginning to develop new friendships. Our children are establishing and maintaining respectful, trusting relationships with the other children and educators.


One of our examples of intentional learning experience, to promote the sense of belonging, is our locker system. The children are encouraged to find their photo locker label and stick it onto the locker that they choose. At the end of the day the name tags can be taken off and put back on the Banksia tree, ready for the next day. These name tags help children to recognise their printed name too. Our next step is to create a family tree. It would be great if you could bring in a family photo to be placed on the family tree.

We welcome your inputs in our daily curriculum development. An easy way to do this is by emailing us a picture of any special event or outing involving your child.

It is so good to see all the children’s sheets are clearly named and extra clothes are in your children’s bag to support their water play during these hot days.

Our Australia Day celebration was filled with water play, meat/vegetarian pies and indoor, outdoor fishing games.

Many thanks to all of the families who helped celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year by sharing their beautiful costumes, culture and food with us. This inspired the children to make their own noodle collages - please have a look at our art display.

To promote dental health and hygiene we have started tooth brushing at kindy and each child has been provided with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a case. All children will get to learn tooth brushing techniques during our intentional learning experiences.

We will also be celebrating a “Taste of Harmony” on 24th March. All children are encouraged to dress in traditional clothes from any country and bring a plate of traditional food to share with everyone. As we have children with allergies in the centre, please provide us with a list of ingredients and make sure NO nut food for Harmony Day.

For any queries please feel free to see Tanya, Cynthia or Maryam.


Thank you

Maryam, Cynthia and Gabby