From the Director

The children have settled well into their new rooms and our new children are settling well into the Centre.

A reminder that the Centre also has a Facebook page GCIT Children’s Centre please like us on Facebook to get reminders of happening in the Centre and photo’s of your child.

Also please don’t forget to check your children’s pockets in their room as they contain more information about centre happenings.

Attached to this newsletter is a fact sheet about some important safety practices in the centre. I ask that you take the time to read this and adhere to safe practices.

We value the input that you as parents have and welcome any input that you can contribute to the Centre. This can be done in many ways and if you have a special talent or ideas that you would like to share please come and see myself or any of the staff. Your input is also used in our planning so please contribute by completing the weekend sheets. You can also e mail the Centre gcitcc@bigpond.com and we can print out photos for you. Please see the staff in your room for more information.


International Day/Taste of Harmony Tuesday 24th March

The Centre is participating in Taste of Harmony week which looks at the diverse cultures we have in Australia and multicultural foods.

On Tuesday 24th March we will be holding International Day in which we encourage the children to come dressed from another culture and bring in a plate of food to share at lunch time.

As we are a peanut free Centre,  I ask that no peanut products are brought in and where possible to list the ingredients in the food.

Please feel free to see me if you have any questions regarding this event.




· Wednesday 19th February committee meeting 5.30pm

· Wednesday 18th March Committee meeting 5.30pm

· Tuesday 24th March Taste of harmony day.

· Wednesday 25th March Uncle Boomerang.

Quality Improvement Plan/Philosophy

Located on the notice board in the foyer is a copy of our Quality Improvement Plan. As a centre we are always looking to improve on all areas of our practice to ensure that we can give your child the very best possible care.

I ask that you take the time to have a look at the areas and if you have any ideas please feel free to write them down or come and see me as your input plays a vital role.

Our philosophy is also located here and we value any input that you have.

Environmental Tip

Turn off the light and fan’s when you leave the room