Everlasting Daisies

(Before & After School Care)

 Dear parents,Dear parents, 




Welcome to a new year,


I would like to welcome back all families returning from last year. The children have grown and sounds like they have had a wonderful holiday. I missed their unique personalities. Please take a moment to look at the ‘Mythical Creatures’ belonging wall. The theme was requested by the children which also include our Vacation Care friends. As a continuation of interest, the children have requested recording how they grow throughout the year again.  This is symbolized by balls from different sports, on the entry doors.


This year we welcome new Preps April, Scarlet, Arnold, Lucas, Jasmine, Lorraine, Rylan and Eloise.  Also welcome to Blair and Callan-older children from Bellevue Park. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the older school children in helping walk our new Preps from school to the centre.  I am very proud at their maturity in taking on this responsibility. The children form strong bonds, as they get to know each other, and provide a welcoming experience for all. In the next few weeks, the children will become familiar in the After School Care routine, exploring the toy room and playground, and feeling comfortable to request activities of their choice. Please remember, the children will also become quite tired at times as they adjust to their days at school. As such we provide quiet areas for them to relax providing pillows if they would like.


In After School Care we offer planned activities for the children however, it is up to the children whether they participate. Activities include: colouring, craft, board games, Lego, sports activities and music.  I have already noticed the girl’s interest in dressing Elsa from Frozen, trying their hand at roller blading and making clay in the playground. The boys are enjoying table tennis, soccer and riding skateboards.



Knowing how important family time is if you wish your child/ren to do their homework while at After School Care, supervision and a quiet space will be provided.



· As health and safety are an important lesson to teach the children, I ask you to please ensure your child has a hat for After School Care. (It does not have to be a school hat.)  Suncream is provided.

· When collecting your child/ren please sign them out on the roll and have them come say good bye so I know they are safe.